Misconceptions prevails when it comes to healthy eating, especially the Indian food. If people were asked the question, that what exactly comes to their minds when Indian food is mentioned, most of them would probably say the following words. Rich, spicy, oily, vegetables and maybe not-so-healthy. In actual fact, this is far from the truth. Indian food, in spite of its ever growing popularity is commonly not understood by the masses.

If truth be told, Indian food with its extravagance of taste, texture and aroma, is highly healthy and good for the body. There are a lot of reasons why Indian food is good for the mind, body and heart.

Fulfills your veg requirement for the day
Indian food uses the widest variety of vegetables in the supermarket. Veggies are very good for your body and most Indian meals contain four out of the five fruit and veg a day your body needs on a daily basis to stay healthy. Like someone said, Indian food is the best way to eat your greens and enjoy them too.

Another point to be noted is that most of the vegetables and also fruits that are staples in the Indian cuisine are cooked just enough that they retain their nutrients and texture. This in itself is a plus point since your body needs these nutrients.

Free from preservatives
Indian food contains very less or no preservatives. This is because Indian food is famous for being cooked entirely from scratch and for using the freshest of ingredients. Lesser preservatives means less harm to the human body.

Medicinal properties
Amongst the many staples of Indian cooking, ginger and turmeric play a heavy role. These two spices are widely known for their healing and medicinal properties.

Garam masala, which is another well-known compound of spices in the Indian cuisine has been widely known to cure flu symptoms and the common cold.

Research has shown that the chilies used in Indian food can actually aid in weight loss. These chilies contain capsaicin, which aids in burning calories and thus, keeps your body fitter. In addition, the compounds in these spices have been known to kill cancerous cells present in your body.

A perfectly balanced meal
Most desi Indian dishes are all rounded balanced meals containing carbs, proteins and fiber. Since a traditional gravy is eaten with roti and not a spoon, a person gets the daily intake of all that the body needs.

Indian food is highly versatile, in the sense that it can even be cooked in two tablespoons of oil. The meat and veggies can be grilled, boiled or pan fried to make a healthier version. So, the myth of Indian food always being oily must be thrown out of the window.

Reduces your cardiovascular problems
The most common issue we face in the world today is that of heart diseases, the major cause of sudden deaths are heart attacks. Surgeries relating to the heart are becoming increasingly common, with most of them leading to an early demise. A healthier lifestyle is highly recommended, with the inclusion of Indian food in your diet.

This is mainly because the spices present in desi food contain the amount of bad cholesterol present in your blood. Also, they can reduce swelling and inflammation in your body, and this consequently lowers the chances of strokes.

Another important point which must be mentioned is that Indian food contains no red meat which is extremely harmful for the human body, as a whole. Red meat has generally always been noted to increase the bad cholesterol in blood so avoidance of red meat is essential for keeping heart issues at bay.

Indian food works as a mood booster.
This might be very surprising to many but Indian food is known to generate a hormone in the bloodstream. This hormone which is called serotonin, is also known as the happy hormone. On the more tense days, when you are under
high work pressure or your relationships are rocky, Indian food might just be that mood lifter that you really need.

Aids in digestion.
Yogurt, which is widely used in most Indian gravies and curries is extremely good for the stomach. The amount of good bacteria present in yogurt aids the digestive system to do its work. Also, yogurt is essentially very high in calcium which keeps your bones healthy too.

In conclusion, there is much more to Indian food than what meets the eye. The health benefits of this traditional food far outweigh the negative associations formed about it, which are mostly not even true. There is a healthier side of the story about desi Indian food, which has so far been unexplored. Dive into the world of this cuisine, at the danger of becoming highly addicted to the depth of flavor and aroma it offers.