How it all began
The term food fusion has been recently coined, but the idea and implementation has been around for years. When two culinary worlds came together to present new dishes that were a perfect blend of one another, food fusion came into being and was appreciated by all. In the fast-paced world of today, more people like the idea of quick dishes that are inspired by more than one culture and can have the deliciousness of both. With the high ward trend especially of Indian and Canadian food, critics came forward to try new recipes and stayed to appreciate. With the overlap of various cultures in Canada, it was only natural that new recipes would come into being.

It all started back in the 1980s when two renowned chefs decided to combine their ethnicities with their preference for food. Roy Yamaguchi and Wolfgang Puck are two noted names who decided to intentionally merge their love for Asian food with their own European food style. This is where the trends of Pan Asian and Cal Asian food all started.

The evolution phase
All this isn’t to say that fusion was definitely a hit from the get-go. With all chefs jumping on the bandwagon, it is safe to assume that many mistakes were made. Hasty chefs determined to shine, but not concentrating on blending ingredients together perfectly, made laughing stocks out of themselves. On the other hand, those that were more careful and determined to succeed ended up creating recipes that were masterpieces and are still savored today.

Indians especially who liked the desi touch in everything brought their culture back with them. With Canada being a hub of people of different cultures, it is safe to say that the fusion of Canadian and Indian food was at an upward

There are many examples that can be given of Indian food which is merged with the foreign taste and when in doubt of what to order, something new is always welcome. So here are some things which have the desi touch, yet are true fusions.

+ Vegetable Manchurian.
A vegetarian also loves Manchurian and whoever came up with this recipe should be rewarded. A mix of vegetables shaped together and fried, they are then recreated in a spicy gravy which is both indulgent and fulfilling.
+ Masala Coke
There is a lot of truth in the assumption that the Indians love their spice with everything. Coke which has been spiced up with masala tastes incredible with the tang of masala hitting just the right taste buds.
+ Gulab jamun cheesecake
Cheesecake, the love of every person’s life and the addictive taste of gulab jamuns. Who wouldn’t love a combination of the two? With indulgent cheesecake and syrupy sweet galub jamuns as a topping, every person will definitely be in food heaven.

The Canadian and Indian food mix
Canadian food is getting the desi touch, while Indian food is getting a very English makeover. Strawberry lassi, or chicken tikka sandwiches on ciabatta are considered to be delicacies and enjoyed by all. Canadian chefs tend to use their own meat for traditional desi dishes like lamb nalli. Since their own meat is tender and requires less of a marination time, this creates the best fusion recipe.

An additional plus point is that the Indian spices have the most versatile flavors in the world. Red chillies have different levels of hotness according to the different types available in the market. Other spices can emit sweetness, pungent flavors, and a depth of taste and aroma which is unmatchable. Many compounded spices or herbs like zafran have such heady fragrances that they can be indulgent to the level of addictiveness. Adapting these into the more western style of cooking has yielded amazing results.

The recent food mash ups
When two different food styles are converged to form one, the resulting dish is known as a mash up. The most recent one which has become famous across the globe is a cronut, which is a cross between a donut and a croissant. Donut burger, naanza (a combination of naan and pizza), the pizookie are examples of other mashups which have gained acclaim over various continents. Regardless of whether these mash ups are here to stay, they have been gaining large scale popularity currently.

Bonding over our food
Fusion cuisine, meanwhile definitely looks like a steady thing for the time being. With different food cultures coming together in a perfect harmony, it has also created an opportunity for people to connect over food. With an increasing number of people embracing different types of food all over the globe, it has become a major reason for many to forget their differences, even if for a short period of time. Anything which can lessen cultural differences and create a bonding is bound to be an extremely good thing.