Desi Indian food is a cuisine like no other, its very presence screams deliciousness, colors and bursts of flavor. The evolution of Indian food has taken years and years of effort plus the dedication of hundreds of people who have created recipes that are almost a form of art when presented to people. Indian food holds its own in a world where there are thousands of cuisines to choose from.

There are a lot of reasons why Indian food is consumed all over the globe and why there is a certain appeal that surrounds it which no other food can compete against.

A perfect blend of spices and flavors.

  • Indian food has a certain ability to combine flavors. The end result is a dish which is in perfect sync with all its ingredients complimenting each other. The spices intricately blend together with the chicken or vegetables to form a plate of perfection.
  • Indian cuisines traditionally cook not only vegetables but also fruits in a way that helps retain their crispness and original taste. The bite of tender crisp veggies in your mouth combined with just the right mix of spices is very different to the soggy mess of unappetizing vegetables when they are overcooked.
  • Traditionally, Indian food is almost always cooked with the freshest of ingredients and is always made from scratch. This means almost no preservatives are added to the food, so the flavors are authentic and delicious.

The staples in Indian food

  • Yogurt, cream and gravies are staples in Indian food, which add a lot of depth and richness to the taste of food. The burst of spices on the tongue from such flavors are to die for. Savor a dish of butter chicken or muglai handi and you will be in food heaven.
  • Desi Indian desserts like gulab jamuns, mithai, kheer and countless others are a whole other world. They need to be actually explored and savored to even know the depth of flavor and deliciousness they contain. They may be a little heavy on the stomach, but the aroma and taste cannot be matched by all the desserts of the world combined.

Cooking-the desi way

  • Indian food, while being delicious is also easy to prepare and cook. There are no excessive processes of brining or aging the food involved. The chopping and cutting is fairly simple and easy to do which makes it a more attractive option than others.
  • Indian food, along with being extremely delicious is very attractive in all its glory of colors and presentation. The vibrant colors of the chilies and spices combine together to give it a look which is a feast for the eyes if properly presented.
  • Another staple in Indian food which gives it aroma and a boost in flavor is garam masala. This mix of around five or six spices is freshly roasted and ground at the time when the food is being prepared. It is mostly added at the time of serving or a little before. And this spice is one of the major reasons why Indian food is becoming increasingly popular.

The love prevalent for traditional cooking
The love for Indian food is highly prevalent in the hearts of people, especially in a country where it isn’t available at every nook and corner. People love it for the variety it provides, its taste, its aroma and the depth of flavors it offers.

There are people who love the indulgence of desi Indian desserts, more commonly known as mithai in the desi tongue, so much that they ask their Indian friends to bring it for them from their home countries. Made with clarified butter, which the Indians call desi ghee, these desserts are something which must be had once in a lifetime. Their richness and texture along with the aroma of zafran or Kaiser, which is liberally used in almost all desi mithai is so intoxicating that they could get you addicted.

There is no other cuisine in the world which comes close to competing with Indian food, when it comes to the variety it offers. Be it vegetables or meat, they can be grilled, fried, pan fried and sautéed. The same raw ingredients can be made in such a wide array of different spices, gravies or in dry form that it would dazzle your mind and taste buds.

It is a misconception that Indian food is mostly only for those who like hot and spicy foods, it can also be modified for people who like milder foods. That is the major advantage of this cuisine, it can taste mild or hot according to you what you like.

Many Indian households who don’t like a lot of spice or feel that it gives them hurt burn, adjust the spices according to their own preference. Adjusting the amount of crushed or grounded chilies used in the base of your dish will give you the level of hotness you require.

Those who are aware of all these facts, know that Indian food is worth giving a shot. Indian food has been gaining popularity and a lot of enthusiasts are raving over this cuisine and rightly so.