Chef Pardeep Mroke

NY’s Indian Grill & Bar is proud to introduce our executive chef – Pardeep Singh with great pleasure and joy. His entrepreneurial spirit and desire to create unforgettable food led to the opening of NY’s Indian Grill. Born and raised in India, Pardeep has an extensive experience of 15 years in this field. He began his career with catering business and gradually stepped into restaurants and never looked back. His first professional position at one of the India’s finest hotels – The Taj, became the foundation for what drives him today. His days at The Taj opened new doors of opportunities and created a delightful bond between him and his love for food.

Pardeep has a sense of taste to make every food a work of excellence and perfection using his vast knowledge in this field. Upon relocating to Spain, in the mid of 2007, Pardeep extended his expertise on various cuisines and became a chef. In Spain, he polished his culinary skills and learnt new practices from famous chefs of the region. His learnings in Spain has added new dimensions to his abilities and increased dedication towards his profession.

Pardeep’s vision behind NY’s Indian Grill is to deliver food lovers an amazing insight of food exercising all his enthusiasm and present an absolute perfect palate on your table.

Chef Vick

Vick is a welcome addition to NY’s Indian Grill & Bar carrying experience and strong professional ethics. Chef Vick has been very lucky to have a chance of working under the great supervision of the world’s famous Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. His experience at The Taj Hotels has catered for up to 400 covers at some of the most prestigious establishments around the world. Vick’s interest and experience in this field has spanned over a decade that has made him a true food expert.

What differs Vick from others is his excellent communication skills and exceptional leadership qualities. He has keen observation to problem solving which keeps the restaurant’s performance on a smooth track. Vick is managing the restaurant affairs efficiently and his warm nature gives a big smile on our guests’ face.

As a chef, Vick’s priority is to use all locally grown produce and fresh ingredients to ensure the authenticity of what he makes. This commitment to his profession excels him in field and delivers the best for his guests at the restaurant. Chef Vick welcomes you to come and give it a try to the food made with love and dedication.